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TIP Travelers Care

What is Travelers Care?

TIP Travelers CareTravelers Care is a volunteer program designed to support travelers who have been affected by crisis events. When a crisis strikes a traveler, citizen volunteers from Travelers Care respond to help.  Volunteers ensure that travelers are supported during a very difficult time in their lives.

Why Travelers Care?

When a person is emotionally traumatized, support is usually provided by family, friends, and neighbors who rush to the victim’s side.  Unfortunately, when a crisis strikes a traveler, those who would normally provide help are miles away. As a result, the traveler in crisis is often left alone during what may be the worst time in his life. Travelers Care volunteers serve as temporary support until the traveler is reunited with family and friends.

What Services are Provided?

Generally, the Travelers Care volunteer serves as the traveler’s guide from soon after the crisis event until he is safely en route to his hometown.

Specifically, the volunteer may provide the following:

Who Provides the Service?

Travelers Care volunteers are local residents with diverse backgrounds. They are members of the Trauma Intervention Program (TIP), a highly regarded crisis intervention organization. These volunteers are subjected to rigorous training and screening procedures and are experienced in working on emergency scenes.