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Emergency Responders

As always,  I am very happy with the service I get from TIP. Thank you for making my  job easier.  The volunteer was wonderful."
---Deputy Sheriff

The volunteer was very professional and compassionate to the victim's family. It was great having her assistance.  Thank you
---Police Officer

"This was the first time I ever worked with TIP.  I have nothing but good praise for the volunteers that responded. Please thank them for me"

"Excellent response with Spanish translation.”
---ER Nurse

Thank you for your help. May God bless your ministry." 

"TIP was great! There were so many family members on scene grieving and TIP brought out additional volunteers, which was very helpful in keeping everyone calm."
---Sgt. Buell, WCSO

Client Testimonials

“I just wanted to let you know that we will play forward the kindness that your volunteer has shown us.”

“She (the TIP Volunteer) was an angel who came from nowhere.”

“Thank you so very much for what you've done for us in our most difficult time. Your genuine concern and compassion made such a big difference to all of us. We will never forget you. God bless you and all of you at TIP.”

“Thank you for being there.  Just knowing you were there made my experience a little lighter.”

“Thank God for people like you.”

"The volunteers were like angels who just showed up from heaven. Honestly, they were a huge part of decreasing the stress of an already stressful day."

"These women gave their time on a Sunday with such graciousness and so much heartfelt compassion. We are very grateful for the excellent help they provided us."

National Recognitions

"A great program.  It appears the TIP program is an idea whose time has come." 
---Giselle Fernandez, NBC Today Show 

"I am aware of several victim assistance programs.  However, none can come close to TIP Inc. in terms of performance, consistency, cost, scale of activity, supervision and morale." 
---Mr. James Stewart, Former Director National Institute of Justice

"A shining example of an organization at its best." 
---New York Times

"TIP provides an invaluable service to communities by addressing the emotional needs of persons who have endured tragedies.  With emergency responders often unavailable to treat the distress of emotional trauma, I am comforted to know that victims and survivors can depend on TIP. It's an honor to have TIP volunteers in our midst." 
---Mayor, City of Portland, OR

“I commend Trauma Intervention Programs and its volunteers for their invaluable service not only to Oceanside residents but also to citizens throughout our nation.”
---Mayor City of Oceanside, CA

“The Trauma Intervention Program had bridged the gap in emergency services and been more successful than any other program in recent memory.”
---Sheriff, Santa Rosa County, FL, Sheriff’s Department

“It’s What Works in Carlsbad, California.”
---Tom Brokaw, Reporting on TIP, NBC Nightly News

“I want to thank you and the TIP volunteers for assisting the citizens of Portland in their time of need, and making the Fire Bureau’s job a lot easier.”
---Chief Training Officer Portland Fire Bureau, Portland, OR

“Cops are a tough sell. But TIP was there the first time we called — at 3:00 am on a Sunday. And they’ve been there consistently at whatever hour we’ve called.”
---Police Chief Carlsbad, CA, Police Department.

“TIP fills a great void for law enforcement, firefighters, and hospitals. I think it’s a service like a missionary — I think they are doing God’s work.”
---Captain, Yuba County, CA, Police Department

“The Trauma Intervention Program has become a welcome addition to assist the Multnomah County Sheriff’s office in times of tragedy.”
---Sheriff Multnomah County, OR

“I fully support the concept of community volunteers trained to provide assistance when requested by public safety employees. The TIP organization’s interaction and response to the requests from Metro have always been expeditious and most effective.”
---Sheriff Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.